Water finds a way! We have seen every possible situation that can allow rot to occur.

Let us help you, if your deck has a soft spot don't leave it. get a free deck inspection we can find ways of stopping rot in the future.

Deck Rot can show up in different places.

There are many ways your deck can rot some ore obvious and some are hidden in plain sight. Let our experience help you prevent any future problems with your deck.

Caulking needs to be re-done.
Keep water away from your fascia board.
vinyl seams not done properly

What Can I Do If My Deck Has Already Started to rot?

Depending on the age of your vinyl, we could do a simple repair by cutting out the rot than install new plywood with a new vinyl patch or you could have all your vinyl replaced after the plywood repair. Either way the rot needs to be dealt with otherwise it will create a much bigger more expensive problem.