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Offering unqualified reliability means we have to have unquestioned confidence in our installation staff, and we do. our lead builder has over 40 years experience and two of our installers have over 25 years experience each...
Since our beginning 34 years ago we've learned that there is no decking or waterproofing problem we can't face and successfully overcome.
1What is vinyl?
-Vinyl is a PVC membrane flooring for use on deck and roof deck surfaces exposed to pedestrian traffic. We offer a large number of colours and patterns and create a 100% waterproof pedestrian safe deck surface.
2How is vinyl installed?
-vinyl is fully adhered to a smooth substrate (plywood or concrete for example) using contact cement adhesives. Plywood joints and imperfections in the surface are filled with a levelling compound. Any joints in the membrane are overlapped by 1 inch and fully heat welded together with a three pass weld, to create a completely waterproof finish. The perimeters of the deck are then wrapped down over the outside edges 2-3" with a pic clip boarder, and wrapped up the inside walls 8" where applicable. we then install a polyurethane caulking at the top of the vinyl.
3How long does vinyl last?
-Vinyl Deck surface can easily last up to 25 years depending upon the application, exposure and care of the deck. -We have seen vinyl decks last over 35 years but these are rare circumstances. -Every vinyl material we use comes with a 15 year product warranty and a 7 year workmanship warranty.
4Can vinyl be installed over existing decking?
-In most cases we will remove the previous waterproofing material and install our vinyl on the existing plywood or concrete. This is the best practice. -In some rare circumstances we will install over existing decking materials but we do not recommend this practice. We don't know what is happening under said covering and therefore can not provide a full warranty covering our workmanship.
5Can vinyl be applied to a roof?
Yes!! vinyl is a certified roofing material. In fact by code all decks are considered roofs in BC. That is why all the vinyl we offer is an approved roofing membrane.
6How can I remove snow from my vinyl deck?
-Snow can be shovelled off a vinyl surface using a plastic snow shovel (no metal edge) or a push broom. -Rock Salt and other similar Ice Melting compounds can be used on a vinyl surfaces as long as any residue left by these products is washed off the surface with soap and rinsed well with clean water prior to the following spring / summer suns.
1What kind of decks do we build?
-Wood decks or Composite decks, but our main focus is waterproof decks. We have been in the waterproof deck business for 34 years now and have spent that time learning what works best. -Our lead builder has been building decks for over 40 years
2What materials do we use for a waterproof deck build?
-2x10" joists (not pressure treated as pressure treated lumber shrinks up to 1/4" and can break nails and screws) -2x12" fascia board with a 1x2" border( the 1x2" helps keep water away from the fascia board. this is a must as it stops rot from occurring at the corners of fascia and eliminates water stains.) -3/4" T and G plywood (not select as the top layer is too thin and can delaminate.) -6"x6" pressure treated posts. -either pre-fabbed footings to code, or we form them ourselves by pouring concrete. -for stairs we use pressure treated material -The vinyl products we use are: "Weatherdek", "Deckright"and "On Deck Vinyl work".
3What to do with different types of siding?
-Stucco, horizontal cedar, and hardy board- We recommend the stucco, wood or hardy board be cut up 8" so vinyl can be run up the wall 8". Then a composite trim board with counter flashing can be installed where siding was. This allows access for future deck repairs if needed. -vinyl siding- we typically remove 1-2 lower panels of vinyl siding and fold the paper up so our vinyl can run up the wall 8". then we replace the existing vinyl siding, after caulking the to of the vinyl and running the paper down over the vinyl.
1Are canopy strong enogh?
-Our canopies are fully engineered, we ensure your canopy is installed to handle any wind storm and every snowfall.
2Are canopies good for the longevity of your deck?
-Yes, They protect your deck from UV light which is a deck coverings cancer, also your deck is protected from staining from to sap and dead leafs.
3Why fascia mount Railings?
-Facia mount railings are code now, and for good reason here are a few of those reasons: -Fascia mount railings are essential to the life span of your deck, we have restored a lot of decks and have consistently found rot where the railings were screwed in through the decking membrane -Fascia mount railings are screwed through your fascia and into the box joist of your deck with a minimum of 3"long lag bolts, there is a lot more strength due to this fact. They are 10 times stronger than railings screwed through the deck surface. -Fascia mount railings make your deck feel larger as they are on the outside of your deck perimeter.
4Wood or Aluminum railings?
We install both wood railings and aluminum railings, here are a few things to consider: -Although wood creates a more natural look to your deck, aluminum is far less maintenance and they are forty times stronger than wood railings. -Aluminum railings come powder coated and require little to no maintenance, where as wood railings need to be painted numerous time through there life time. -Wood railings are cheaper to build and install but not by much.

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