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Let us help you with your Deck renovation, wether its a full deck build or just New vinyl! Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, we want to to bring your deck back to life!

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When it comes to vinyl we have very high standards, that's why we make sure to offer the best vinyl on the market. Although good quality product is important, more importantly is how it is installed. Our employees are highly trained with the highest standard of quality. We ensure your deck is 100% waterproof and will stay that way for the life time of your deck.

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Frequently asked questions

1What makes vinyl the right choice?
When it comes to deck coverings there are a lot to choose from. It is important to do your research and find the best product that suits your needs. We believe vinyl is the best choice on the market, here are a few reasons why: - Vinyl decking has been tried and tested over the last 54 years, and has proven it's worth time and time again.
- Vinyl when installed correctly can keep your deck waterproof for over 25 years.
- When its time to replace your vinyl, that’s all you need to replace, aka the vinyl gets removed from the plywood and the plywood can be re-used.
- Vinyl is the cheapest roof grade material on the market.
- Vinyl moves with the plywood allowing your deck to expand and shrink with temperature changes and won’t bubble or crack with that movement like some other materials on the market.
- Vinyl can be easily repaired if need be.
2How much does it cost?
- Vinyl ranges in price depending what product you choose.
- Price is based on square footage and product waste depending on your deck size. -Details come into play as well, aka posts siding removal and so forth.
- to get an accurate price it is important for us to look at the deck to provide an accurate estimate.
- Feel free to give us a call and we can give you a rough quote over the phone.
3Part of my deck is rotten - can that be fixed?
- Yes!! we are professionals at sourcing out rot on your deck.
- Our installers can all do simple rot repair such as plywood replacement, this helps keep your costs down
- Our lead builder has over 40 years experience and can tackle any structural rot thrown at him.
- When we come to do an estimate we fully inspect your deck for rot so we can include it in our estimate. The last thing we want is major unexpected costs for our customers.
4Are canopies a good investment?
-Absolutely! The number one killer of any decking material is UV damage. With a canopy not only do you have a place to BBQ in the winter it also saves your deck from UV damage.
-Your deck also stays cleaner as leafs and sap don't have the chance to stain your deck. - We also offer a leaf guard for your canopy that can keep your downs spouts clear. Ask us how!!
5How often should I clean my deck? and how?
- We recommend you clean your decks each change of season occurs.
- Best way to clean your deck is with warm water, dish soap and a stiff bristled brush about 10" wide.
- Feel free to ask us for the best brush on the market for cleaning your deck.

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